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We were both born and raised in humble and loving families in Wales and have between us, four children and four grandchildren. that we adore.  We are thoroughly family orientated and we communicate this principle through our ministry.


To many, Wales is known as ‘the land of revivals,’ because we have had more revivals than any nation of the world. As we travel the world ministering, we are constantly asked to share the stories of the great revival of 1904 and how it impacted the nations. Of course, we are always delighted to do so. When we do we always finish by asking people NOT to pray for another revival in Wales, because to revive something, is to simply bring it back as it was before.


Gwenda and I love the Church of Jesus Christ, but we believe it can never fulfil His mandate of discipling nations (Matthew 28:19), by doing Church in the way it has been done, in most places, for the last 17 centuries. We do not need another revival that comes and goes. We need a radical reformation of our concept of His Church and it’s purpose in the Earth.