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Thank you for visiting our website, Please check out all the pages to get to know us and some of the things we do.

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Wynne & Gwenda are two ordinary people, serving an extraordinary God - the Lord Jesus Christ. A married couple, parents and grandparents, with a simple purpose - to tell the whole world about Jesus and to disciple people to intimately know and serve Him with passion.


They live in Wales, have served Jesus Christ for over 40 years and their apostolic ministry encourages and equips people in every part of the world through their TV programs, radio interviews, books, social media outlets and their itinerant ministry.

Their focus is to prepare the global church for the greatest reformation and move of God ever seen and to engage every christian in their God-given calling and mission.

Making Worship the lifestyle of every believer, maturing them in the Word of God, discipling them to Walk worthy of their calling, equipping them to Work the works of God, to be His Witnesses.”

Wynne and Gwen Goss' story


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My testimony

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