The Mission

Forty years in full-time church leadership and ministry, has instilled into me the understanding that the world-wide church needs urgent and radical change if it desires to truly be fruitful in the work of the ministry and also cope with the iminant move of God that is about to sweep our nations, bringing millions into the Kingdom of God.

The Mission of WGM/ inHOPE Ministries “Making Worship a Lifestyle.”

“Making Worship the lifestyle of every believer, to disciple them to Walk worthy of their calling, maturing them in the Word of God, equipping them for their God-given Work and to send them into the world to be Witnesses.”

The Mission of WGM/ inHOPE Ministries Our ministry operates basically in five areas:

Alignment For Assignment

The model of church that is predominantly used today is failing to produce a model of church as revealed in the New Testament. “Alignment For Assignment – Leadership Sessions” is a series of seminars recorded by Wynne, to help leaders do church in a new way, unearthing and releasing the ministries deposited by the Holy Spirit within every believer under their oversight. To watch these seminars then go to and sign up for the email newsletters.  You will receive the links to each seminar along with notes and materials, made entirely free by Wynne & Gwenda.

inH.O.P.E (international network Houses Of Praise & Evangelism)
Not only do we need a radical new way of doing church, we also need to release the massive gifting, potential and ministries locked up in every believer in the Body of Christ. Through inHOPE Ministries our passion is to raise up a network of homes, equipping each through a discipleship training program to evangelise their communities and disciple new believers. This takes the “ministry” from within the walls of the church buildings back into the community where it will be fruitful.

Travelling Ministry

We travel extensively throughout the year wherever the Lord opens the door for us in order to encourage and strengthen churches, releasing the prophetic revelation and apostolic insight the Lord has given us to share. You can find out where we are ministering through our regularly updated itinerary.