The Message

If you are not Challenged by the greatness of the task He offers you, then you will forever lead a life of insignificance, complacency, and comfort. You will never truly rise to greatness until you accept that His limitless potential lies within you.

If you never accept the Cost it will take for you to achieve His high call of destiny, then you will never deeply understand the value of everything He accomplished upon the cross and the abundant life He wants you to live.

If you never fully Commit to His will for your life, then the love God has for people will never be released through you. Anyone can say, ‘Here I am,’ but a soul is never saved, bodies are not made whole, and a life is never changed by those who say, ‘Here I am,’ but by those who cry out daily, “Send me!”

But…. to those who are willing to Commit to His will, accept His Call to take His love to the nations, these are the ones who will rise to the Challenge of this day, no matter what the Cost, and live the life He promises in all of it’s fullness. It is disciples of this nature that Capture the hearts and imaginations of people and ultimately Change the course of history. These are the disciples we are called to raise at inHOPE Ministries.

Jesus lived His whole life on purpose and with purpose. The Bible reveals His purpose was to “destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8). Therfore we must discern that everything He said and did was accomplishing that purpose from the beginning to the end. If we don’t discern this emphasis, then we will mis-understand why He said or did things and will live our lives aimlessly or fulfilling our purposes, but not His.

We believe His purpose was to destroy the devil’s greatest strategy and work – religion. The devil has always been a deceiver and his greatest deception is to get Christians who are born again into a religious mentality and program based life which stunts God’s creative overflowing abundant life being revealed in and through them.

Our message is one that points us to a Father who loves us unconditionally and has destroyed the power of sin through Christ’s own death and has given to all believers a new life to live by grace. He offers to all to have the divine exchange of His life for theirs. His righteousness for our sinfulness. His grace instead of our work. His ability instead of ours. We preach and teach that God’s work through Christ was a complete work and it effects every part of our lives for all eternity.

Our passion is to see people released to rise to their full-potential in Christ and to walk in His power and authority over all the works of the devil as He promised they would do (Matt28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18).

Our message is that wherever the Church is out of alignment with The Man, His Message, Motivation, Methodology and Mission, then our effectiveness is compromised. Our pursuit is to help bring re-alignment of the Church to these core principles and values.