inHOPE Ministries

(international network of Houses of Praise & Evangelism)

The vision of inHOPE Ministries was birthed in our spirits after hearing the Holy Spirit say ‘raise up for me a network of 1 Million Houses of HOPE! (international network of Houses Of Praise & Evangelism) & teach them to change the spiritual climate in their areas through the lifestyle of worship.

The vision of inHOPE falls into two categories:
1. Houses of H.O.P.E
2. inHOPE Leaders Network

Houses of HOPE

Worship creates a canopy of God’s redeeming presence, power and authority which drives out every influence of the powers of darkness from a region. A house of worship not only influences the locality around it but becomes the dominant force that reigns at the centre of it, permeating every area around us, making it impossible for darkness to reign in it’s presence. Darkness is just the absence of Light. Worship attracts and holds the presence of God who is Light at it’s maximum. It’s time to turn our light on!

Homes of HOPE is a discipleship initiative. Our desire is to locate and connect believers and families across the globe, who desire to implement this same vision in their home, region and nation.Our inHOPE discipleship initiative will enable you to build five foundational ‘stones’ into your life personally, enabling you to also disciple other Christians, raising balanced and mature believers wherever you go.

Our passion and purpose is to raise up an international network of Houses of HOPE beginning in your locality, in every street across your region, spreading through the nations. We know the Holy Spirit has put this into the hearts of multitudes of believers across the world who are desiring to see this vision implemented.

Are you one of them? If so, then go to the Home page of this website and click “Connect With Us” and send us an email with your name and a brief description of your ministry and mission. Tell us that you wish to become part of the Opuses of H.O.P.E network and we will respond as soon as possible.

If so, then we need to hear from you right now. Connect with us today by going to our connect page and send us your contact details and our office will contact you to get you enrolled.

Join now as we prepare to launch this new initiative empowering you along with Christians in countries around the world, to release God’s power to restore communities back into alignment with His Kingdom.

inHOPE Leaders Network

The model of church that is predominantly used today is failing to produce the fruit of the Kingdom of God as revealed in the New Testament. The present day Church model is so often out of alignment with a New Testament model revealed by Jesus and the Apostles.

The New Testament Church clearly shows believers engaged passionately with the ongoing mission of the Church, not just the Apostles. The Apostles saw themselves as people who used their gifts and ministries to raise up the people to do the work of the ministry. Their whole focus was to be personally discipled and then disciple others. The goal of inHOPE Ministries is to help leaders reform the work of the Church from a building and agenda focused ministry, to one that achieves the goal of the discipling of the nations.

The inHOPE Leaders Network is for all leaders who desire to be aligned with this concept of Church life. Sign up to the network immediately and begin receiving Wynne’s leadership teaching material to help prepare you and empower you to mentor others in your congregation.