About us

“Making Worship the Lifestyle of all believers.”

We believe we stand on the very verge of seeing a new reformation that will sweep around the world, with an even greater impact than anything that has ever happened in Church history. He keeps the very best ‘till last!

This new reformation will see more people released into their ministry, causing more to come to Christ in one generation than have ever come to Christ up until now. It will be accompanied by innumerable miracles, signs and wonders of the magnitude never seen in the earth before. It will change our very concept of what the purpose of the Church is and the way we ‘do’ Church life.

2000 years have passed since Jesus first commissioned us to take His gospel of grace into every nation and make disciples of every nation, tribe and tongue. Although so much has been done, we are yet still far from achieving His mandate. Why? Because the method of Church so regularly adopted, operates in the very opposite way to the blueprint revealed to us in the New Testament through Jesus and the 1st Century believers. We will never achieve the goal doing Church the way it is primarily done today. Therefore, it is time for a new reformation.

There is a realignment going on in creation, of mega proportions. It will shake again not just the heavens and the earth, but every man-made kingdom and institution. In fact, it has already begun. It will shake to the very core of the institution known as the Church, to tear it away from it’s religious mode of operation, and realign it so that it can operate as the genuine vessel and voice of the King of all kings, and demonstrate Heaven on earth.

Dear reader, Jesus did not give every drop of His blood and life in order for you to have a Church experience. He did it in order for His Spirit to live in you, and to do today, through your life, exactly what He did 2000 years ago – save, heal, deliver, restore and disciple multitudes. A ship is not made to stay in a harbour, it is made for open seas. And a Christian is not meant to spend their entire life inside the walls of the Church. Every believer is meant to be discipled in such a way as to release them to fulfill the great commission. Our mission is to help release the Church from her religious concepts, so she can rise to her true purpose in the earth.

We pray that as you read the content of this website, that your heart will be stirred into action to join us and become a carrier and distributor of this new reformation fire. Join us. Sign up and connect with us today.

Be Brave!
Wynne & Gwenda Goss